Statistical Analysis

Teaching Ideas:

- Introduce data collection, standard deviation and the t-test with Candy Wars (comparing Smarties with M&Ms)
- Work with the data of the 2008 Ig Nobel Prize for Biology: "Dog fleas jump higher than cat fleas"
- There are many articles for discussion on the BadScience blog (

Many kinds of comparisons and correlations could be used:
- heights of different grade levels
- size of leaves on different aspects of a wall
- rotator cuff stamina in swimmers vs non-swimmers

Try this popcorn lab for correlation, measurement errors etc.

What is Science? Understanding Science from Berkeley

Internal Assessment Ideas:

This unit is probably not designed as one to be used for IA submissions - but is ideal for training labs.

Key links:

- Excellent Resources in Click4Biology
- T-test page from the Field Studies Council
- Presentation and links from Science Video Resources
- BadScience by Ben Goldacre (summary of good articles here)

OCC Resources:

- Nice and clear t-test presentation from Geoff Browne
- Essential Biology revision sheet from Steve Taylor