Ecology & Evolution (core)
Thanks to David Mindorff for providing many of these ideas.

Teaching Ideas:

5.1 Communities and Ecosystems
- Effect of intraspecific competition on biomass of plants
--- Example from BioRay:
--- Reearch paper from Aquatic Biology:,%20Showalter%20&%20Ungar%202005.pdf
--- Research paper: factors affecting seed predation by parakeets

5.2 The Greenhouse Effect
- NOAA Climate databases:
- CDIAC databases of CO2 concentration - plot trends and annual fluctuations

5.3 Populations
- Use a hemacytometer to plot yeast population growth over time
- Measuring population growth: Population growth of bread mould
- Measuring Population growth in Duckweed (Lemma minor)

5.4 Evolution
- Peppered moth evolution simulations:
--- Techapps with tutorial:
--- BiologyCorner simulation:
--- Another simulation game:
- Simulation: Evolution lab

5.5 Classification
- Dissect Owl pellets and use a key to identify the prey:
-- Virtual Dissection from KidWings
-- Real dissections from PelletsInc ( and HawkQuest (

Internal Assessment Ideas:

- Factors affecting yeast population growth (D, DCP, CE)
- Effect of intraspecific competition on biomass of plants (DCP, CE)
- Investigate a factor affecting herbivory (D, DCP, CE)

Key links:

- Field Studies Council:
- Link to Option G Ecology and Conservation
- Presentations and some teaching resources:

OCC Resources: