Hi guys, I've taken on a grade 12 class this year that need to do another design lab or 2. It's my first year teaching DP Bio and I could do with some ideas. Any pointers for a design lab in the Plant Science section?


Design Lab: Design an investigation to test the effect of X on germination of a named plant species.

This can be turned into a full D/DCP/CE write-up and gets good lab hours as the kids plant their seeds and then measure their growth/germination over a set period of time. Many links to other topics in 8.2 and 9.

Plant Structure and Anatomy:
I use this lab to have students identify if plants/ flowers are monocots or dicots, and to help them review their dicot flower drawings.

Thanks, I used both.

Stomatal Distribution.
At my school we get students to count stomata on leaves after doing a stomatal peal using clear nail varnish.
There are loads of variables abaxial VS adaxial, aquatic vs terrestrial, monocot vs dicot, young vs old, height of leaf. This means students can all do something different.