The Group 4 Project in Biology
Thanks to all who are adding these ideas. I've imported them from the old wikibook.There is plenty of help available from the Group 4 Project Discussion forum.

Project Ideas:


Community Theme: Sharing Our Humanity

  • If you've been able to think of a G4P that relates to the Community Theme, please let us know!

Links to ToK:

  • Measuring time: using scientific principles from different subject areas to estimate the time for an unknown musical piece

World Events:

  • The World Cup
  • The Olympics

Applications of Science:

  • The Science of Cleaning
  • The Science of Food
  • Science in the Kitchen
  • Investigating pizza
  • Dairy products
  • Milk

  • The Science of Crime
  • The CSI Effect: Science fact or science fiction?

  • Sick School Syndrome (Sick Building Syndrome)

  • Industrial water
  • water testing
  • The Beach
  • Pollution impacts on the environment
  • Air quality
  • Our school environment
  • Sustainability at this school

  • The Human Body

  • Theme Parks

Online Examples:

If you or your school have posted the results of your G4 project online, or have a web-based project, please share the link with everyone:

- Bandung International School: G4 Project page