IB Biology Lab Bank

Aims of this project

This wikispace has been developed for IB Biology teachers to help:
  • Develop a scheme of work to support inquiry in the 4PSOW
  • Develop ideas for investigations suitable for internal assessment
  • Meet requirements for ICT use in the IB Biology programme
  • Develop resources in schools that may have limited budgets or technology
  • Give support to teachers new to the IB Biology course

Accessing Resources

All resources that have been added to this wiki can be viewed without logging in, there is no need to request access.

Taking Over
I am no longer teaching this course, and sadly don't have much time to keep updating. If you would like to take over management of this wiki, please let me know (stephen@i-biology.net).

Subject Reports

Be sure to read these as they are published on the OCC.
There is always good advice to be found in those reports for teachers and students.

IB Animal Experimentation Policy

All Group 4 teachers must pay attention to this document, which has been the subject of much discussion on the Biology forum on the OCC. Find out more about it on the Animal Experimentation page.

Recommended Course Materials

Internet Sources

- Biology Online Curriculum Centre (http://occ.ibo.org/ibis/occ/home/subjectHome.cfm?subject=biolo)
With a forum and access to lots of teacher-produced resources. Your IB Coordinator should get you a login ID.

- North Harris College (Lonestar College) has a fantastic collection of links to practical investigations (http://nhscience.lonestar.edu/biol/)

- The Open Door Website (http://www.saburchill.com/IBbiology/bio_hp.html)
IB Biology section written by Paul Biliet contains a wealth of information and ideas


- Biology course Companion, Andrew Allott and David Mindorff. Oxford University Press. ISBN-13 978-099151240
Good course handbook with lots or practical ideas and a section on Extended Essays and Internal Investigations.

- A Portfolio of Investigations in Biology. Gibson, J. IBID Press, 2001. ISBN 1 876659 009.
Good starting point for the 'classic' teaching pracs.

- Further Investigations in Biology (Vol 1): Cells and Biochemistry. Billiet, P. et al. IBID Press, 2002. ISBN 1 876659 068

- Further Investigations in Biology (Vol 2): Organisms and their Environment. Billiet, P. et al. IBID Press, 2000. ISBN 1 876659 18 1

- Further Investigations in Biology (Vol 3): Plants. Billiet, P. et al. IBID Press 2001. ISBN 1 876659 53 X

- Teaching Secondary Biology. Reis, M (Ed). John Murray Science Practice series from the Association for Science Education, 1999. ISBN 0 7195 7637 7

- Lab Techniques in Biology. Hook, G and Ingram, B. Longman Cheshire, 1988. ISBN 0 582 86853 X

- Data Handling in Biology. Hook, G and Ingram, B. Longman Cheshire, 1989. ISBN 0 582 86854 8

Image source:
False-coloured SEM of a fruit fly (Drosophila busckii), from the Journal of Endocrinology